Top Tips for Minimizing Mold in the Home

To keep your home clean and healthy, use these tried and tested tricks to battle mold build-up in common areas in your home.

Bathrooms: The moist environment makes bathrooms the most common place for mold growth. Ensure that yours stays clean by using a non-ammonia-based detergent, especially in the corners of tubs and shower stalls where mold build-up tends to be the worst. Using a squeegee to wipe down shower walls after use will help reduce build-up as well.

Furnace filter: The filter should be replaced with the season, or more frequently if you have pets. Use a gentle soap with water to clean the coils of the main unit when you replace the filter. After cleaning the coils with soap and water, wash, using a mixture of diluted vinegar and water to prevent future accumulation of mold.

Refrigerators: Empty your refrigerator and wash the inside using a gentle soap with water every few months to prevent the accumulation of mold. Make certain you completely dry all shelves, drawers and other internal parts. Placing a box of baking soda in the fridge will help keep it fresh.

Windows: Use a gentle soap with water to remove mold on windowsills. Consider re-glazing the window as the cause of growth could be due to a leaky window seal.

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